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Incubator for Secular Activism

The Difference We Make Is Because of You!!! Let Us Help You While You Help Us.

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Consider adding us to Amazon Smile where every dollar you spend Amazon will send a portion of it to help support our efforts. Thank you!!!

Committees: How They Work

  • Our committees give developing organizations, talented and passionate leaders platforms that champion them to help the public.

    Whether you are a new or established organization, you may wish to either collaborate with AAoA, affiliate with us in a more formal manner, or come under the Atheist Alliance banner.

Start Your Own Committee

  • Utilize your passion and talent to start your own committee. Atheist Alliance of America will provide you with support, a structural platform and we will promote your work. Together, we can accomplish more!!!

Become a Volunteer and Help One of the Following Committees

  • It takes a lot of work to run the organization throughout the year and during our annual convention. You can support us by volunteering your time and helping us change the world.

Humanitarian Committees

Educational Committees

Website Committee
Film and Television Committee
Dragon*Con Committee
Social Media Committee
Richard Dawkins Award Committee
Secular Nation Magazine Committee
Secular Nation Podcast Committee
Secular Buddhism and Secular Mindfulness Committee
Philosophical Atheism and Thinking Rationally Committee
iHuman Social Media Committee


Atheist Art for Humanity Committee
Speaker’s Bureau and Placement Program
Publishing Committee / Agent Services
Bitcoin Committee
Affiliate Committee
Membership Committee
Fundraising Committee
Online Store Committee


Atheist Alliance Women’s Committee
Atheist Alliance Ex-Muslims Committee
LGBTQIA Committee