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Atheist Alliance Helping The Homeless Boston


Next giveaway: January 20, 2017 in The Boston Common

December 16, 2017:

It was a bitterly cold morning on Boston Common today but it only made us appreciate the need for us to be there all the more. 
We helped around 100 very cold individuals and gave them warm clothes, hats, gloves and socks. 
We couldn’t have done this without your generous donations. Thank you!
When you’re buying gifts this holiday season, why not take a minute to buy an inexpensive but much needed item for the homeless from our Wishlist here
(Please tick “It’s a gift” if you wish for us to know your name and remember to send it to our address)

About us: 

We were founded on July 20, 2017. So far, we have about 8 volunteers. We need more!

The amount of people we help: We are averaging about 150 people per giveaway. 

The Helping the Homeless Committee Needs Your Help!!!

Volunteer for AAHH: We would love to have you join us. We are flexible with giveaway dates, depending on everyone’s schedules.

Please Donate Items: We do monthly giveaways and that requires a lot of donations. You can help by following the link on this page to our Amazon page. Things you buy there will be shipped directly to us. 

Items we give out:
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, q-tips, soaps, lotion, shampoos, razors, shaving cream, flashlights, hand sanitizer, foot and body powder, rain jackets, snack items, clothes, jackets, flip flops, chapstick, antibiotic, emergency solar blankets, umbrellas, condoms, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, water, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion, laundry detergent, mouthwash, fresh fruit, granola bars, peanuts, peanut butter, water, sports drinks, cat food, dog food and many more. We also serve hot chocolate and coffee in the winter and sodas in the summer.

Donations: Please help us purchase the items mentioned above or, if you would rather, please consider a monetary donation.

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