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Please welcome to the team our new Executive Editor, John Loftus!!!

Secular Nation Magazine is done bi-annually by Atheist Alliance of America. We seek to provide our community with interesting and informative articles geared toward atheism, humanism, secularism and any other non-theistic perspective. We also publish educational articles, especially those concentrating on being actively interested and involved with our living planet in all aspects whether it’s with fellow human beings or other beings sharing this world with us.

With those ideas in mind, Secular Nation, covers many pertinent topics including science, the arts, issues of secular or social concern and opportunities for activism in local communities.

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In this Issue:
Atheist Alliance of America Delivers: Who We Are and What We Do.

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In this Issue:
Learn how atheists are changing Buddhism, the 4th largest organized religion!

by Mark W.G.

Last Issue:  Spring 2016

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Secular Nation Winter 2015

Previous Issue:  Winter 2015

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In this Issue:
The Intersection of Race, Religion and Rationality by Jase Heap

“In today’s America with an ever-increasing achievement gap, a widening economic gap, and a growing unemployment rate for African-American communities in comparison to other socio-economic groups, perhaps the solution doesn’t lie within the soothing salve of the historical religious affiliation and affectations, but rather in the creative rational discourse of its people.”

Jewish Atheism by Herb Silverman

“Who can be optimistic about peace when so many ‘holy’ people are killing for a god in the real estate business that over promised the so-called holy land? My solution is a paraphrase of John Lennon peace song: ‘All we are saying, is give secular a chance.’”

The Meaning of Race by Lilandra Ra

“In any discussion of race, the word can change senses even during the same discussion. Depending on context, the word “race” may refer to groups or populations of humans categorized together by culture, ethnicity, genetics, geography, language, anatomy, nationality, lineages, subspecies, or social groups. Moreover, at different times in history, race has had different senses complicating things even more.”

My Chacha is Gay by Eiynah Nicemangoes

“We are a varied people, amongst us there are many kind, gentle and diversity loving souls. But sadly, those voices are drowned out or silenced by extremists.”

Words and Whistling Dogs by Brian Murtagh

“It seems a good tactic whenever possible to point out the whistles whenever they are used; the purpose of the sly innuendo is to avoid responsibility for the actual meaning. This has to be done carefully, though, to avoid enabling another favourite tool of theirs; the false martyrdom. ‘Oh, the PC police are here, now I can’t even use the word shady without being accused of bigotry! That’s just reverse racism!’”

The Cash Test by Michael Cluff

“One symptom of atheism’s growing pains is revealed when some atheists lament that the movement is in danger of dilution when other atheists bring up ‘outside’ issues like feminism, gender, or income inequality. But my experiences with prison inmates have strengthened my conviction that these ‘outside’ concerns are intertwined with religion – and are therefore relevant to an atheist mission. After all, doesn’t the punitive nature of our penal system reflect the vindictive – ironically – Old Testament views of modern Christians?”

El Milagrito by Héctor Manuel Pérez Urbina

“I wear my scars with pride. They are silent witnesses of a truly wonderful fact: even though we are unavoidably subject to the seemingly cruel whims of the universe, by use of our reason and motivated by the love we feel for others, our efforts have the power to transform nearly impossible dreams into happy realities.”

Opinion: I am Not OK by James Croft

“The truth is I am not OK. I haven’t been OK for quite a while. The truth is that I am filled with rage, and I’m struggling to deal with it. The truth is that the things I’ve seen in St. Louis after the shooting of Michael Brown have challenged my worldview and my perspective.”

Music Review: I Listened to Christian Rock So You Don’t Have To by Jim Lundy

“What would Jesus sing about? Where are the songs about helping the poor, saving the planet, ending war, paying a working wage, ending discrimination, reducing pollution, and so forth?”

Book Reviews:

Sikivu Hutchinson’s Godless Americana by Debra Ferguson
Candace R.M. Gorham’s The Ebony Exodus Project by Veronique Matthews

Literature & Poetry:

The Soil in Which the Flowers Grow by Kaveh Mousavi
Eve by Alcmaeon Frog
Evolution by Jim Lundy

Recipe by Jennifer Lovejoy …and more!

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