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Atheist Alliance Helping The Homeless

AAHH Chapters

  • AAHH Atlanta, Georgia

  • AAHH Boston, Massachusetts

  • AAHH Cape Fear, North Carolina

  • AAHH Charlotte, North Carolina

  • AAHH Chattanooga, Tennessee

  • AAHH Columbia, South Carolina

  • AAHH Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • AAHH Los Angeles, California

  • AAHH Modesto, California

  • AAHH Nashville, Tennessee

  • AAHH Seattle/Tacoma, Washington

  • AAHH St. Louis, Missouri¬†

  • AAHH Spartanburg, South Carolina

  • AAHH Upper Valley, VT/NH

Atheist Alliance Helping The Homeless


Mark W. Gura – AAHH Director

Mark W. Gura is the Vice President of the Atheist Alliance of America and co-presenter of the Richard Dawkins Award, which was recently given to Dr. Lawrence Krauss at “Reason Rally 2016” in Washington, DC and will be awarded to David Silverman at DragonCon in Atlanta Sept. 1-4, 2017. Mark is also the host of the “Blind Faith Vaccine” TV show, the co-host of the Secular Mindfulness Podcast, and the author of the book, “Atheist Meditation Atheist Spirituality.” Throughout his life, Gura has lived in and explored more than 80 countries. He has over 20 years’ experience in practicing mindfulness meditation/Vipassana which he learned from the late SN Goenka in India. He is also the Executive Director of the nonprofit Association of Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism (AMMSB,org).

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