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Episode 14: Horus Gilgamesh, "Awkward Moments Children's Bible"

In anticipation of the upcoming AAA Convention in Seattle on August 7-10, Michael X interviews Horus Gilgamesh, author of the Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible, Volume 1.

Conference attendees will be able to pick up a copy of Volume 2, so sign up now!  If you join by July 16 and reserve a minimum of two nights, you will get a FREE second night!

(To claim your free second night, you need to register for the convention and reserve a minimum of 2 nights at the hotel by 7/16 and mail confirmation of both to

Episode 12: Faisal Al-Mutar

Tim and Mike interview Faisal Al-Mutar, head of the Global Secular Humanist Movement who wrote a piece in the latest issue of Secular Nation Magazine – “The Case for Secularism.”  They discuss his upbringing in Iraq and the importance of secularism worldwide.

Episode 10: LaDonna York

For today’s podcast, we interviewed LaDonna York, the head of Atheists Helping the Homeless out of Dallas and Fort Worth.  She shared her unbelievable story with us, then discussed how to launch a charity that isn’t weighed down by God belief.