Derren Brown
Conviction Doesn’t Make Them True

“One can be a true believe in anything: psychic ability, Christianity or, as Bertrand Russell put classically suggested (with irony), in the fact there is a teapot orbiting the earth.

I could believe any of those things with total conviction. But my conviction doesn’t make them true. Indeed, it is something of an insult to the very truth I might hold dear to say that something is true just because I believe it is”

– Derren Brown

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Omar Khayyam
There Is No Hell But Here

“Men talk of heaven,

-there is no but here;

Men talk of hell,

-there is no hell but here;

Men of the hereafters talk, and future lives, –

O love, there is no other life – but here.”

– Omar Khayyam

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