Care For Kelli: She Stands a Chance With Your HELP!!!


Every minute of every hour of each day you wage a battle against your own body. Imagine that your immune system has turned on you and you have constant nausea, hives, and pain. You are barely able to nourish yourself because of your extremely limited food choices. Lettuce. Blueberries. Turkey. As of this writing, these are your only choices. And the disheartening truth; these options may very well vanish before the ink dries.

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The conditions afflicting you have complicated and obscure names. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia; often referred to by their initials – EDS or POTS. Or MCAD, Mast Cell Activation Disorder. You live with exhaustion and isolation. Any medicines you take only worsen the situation, exacerbating your ever-present hives and pain. Every day you are at a war, knowing that someday you will lose because there is no cure.

My dear friend Kelli lives with this debilitating genetic disease. I’ve known her for most of her life and rarely a day goes by that isn’t filled with some sort of suffering. In better times, she was an aspiring filmmaker. Petite and attractive, she found work in the Houston, Austin, and Atlanta film communities. And up until her own health crisis began to dominate every aspect of her life, she helped to care for her aging adoptive parents.

It’s taken almost a lifetime to associate a name to her condition and a result, the obscurity of her disease has thrown her into the nether regions of the American health care system, and her symptoms into the far reaches of any form of stable employment.

She has been unable to work as a result of her illness and without insurance the costs of fighting her condition are astronomical. What Kelli needs are the financial resources to afford insurance. Although there is no cure, and she cannot tolerate most medicines, with proper testing it is possible to find ways to treat the symptoms. Please help us give Kelli a little of her life back. Your contribution can do just that. Please consider a financial gift today.

From drinking bottled water. She can only drink distilled.

From taking a shower with warm water.